Restore Deleted Clients

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The Delete Client button backs up the clients to the \DELETED subdirectory before deleting the clients and data. The Restore Deleted Clients utility allows the user to restore clients and client data from the \DELETED subdirectory. The user may select which clients to restore from the entire list of deleted clients. If the client has already been reentered in the database then the client and (all their employees/payees) will be replaced with the data being restored if the Name, Federal ID, and Control number all match. Employees are never merged into existing data. They are replaced on a client by client basis if the client is a match.

The destination of the restore is always the current data path as set on the Configuration Options screen.

The \DELETED directory associated with the current database is automatically selected as the source for the restore. If the user wants to restore from a deleted directory associated with another database then click the BACK button and select the drive and directory of the \DELETED data. A valid selection must contain the client database file DELDATA.MDB.

A list of clients will be presented. Select the desired clients and click the FINISH button. The existing database (PR20##DT.MDB where 20## is the year) will be renamed (PR20##DT.BAK) before the clients are restored.

CAUTION: The restore utility merges CLIENTS into the database. All of the employee records associated with that client will REPLACE the employee records of any client that is being REPLACED. If the program finds an existing client with a matching NAME, ID, and CONTROL NO., the existing client and employees are DELETED and replaced with the restoring client and employees. This utility does not restore recipients/employees that were deleted using the View Delete List button.

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