Update Setup Reports File Is Locked

When the setup updates the CFS program, it must delete the old version of the program and replace it with the newer version. However, if someone is currently using the program, it cannot be deleted. For current versions of CFS software, the setup checks for this condition. If setup reports the file is locked, apparently someone has the program open. In a network environment, the program could be open on another workstation. Or, if you used the "CFS on the Web" link to go to the website to download the update, you may have left the program open on your own computer.

Close all instances of the CFS program you are updating, then continue or restart the setup program. If this does not solve the problem, reboot the computer on which the program is installed.

If you downloaded the update from within the program--by clicking "Download Now" when offered an automatic update, or by selecting "Update from the Web" from the Internet Options menu—the update file will have been saved in an "Update" folder within the program folder. For example, the update for TaxTools 2020 would automatically be saved as C:\CFSLIB\TT2020\UPDATE\TTUPD01.EXE.

If you downloaded the update from the CFS website, most browsers will have saved the file to your "Downloads" folder. However, if your browser offered you the choice to "Run" or "Save" the file, and you chose to run it, you will have to download the update again. Always use the "Save" option and make a note of the filename and location to which it is saved.

If you downloaded the update from the CFS website and you did not make a note of the filename and save location, you may still be able to find the file. The filename is derived from a two-letter abbreviation for the program name, the year, and the update number, followed by the letter 'u' to indicate it is an update. For example, the file "TT20031u.exe" is an update for TaxTools 2020 (TT20); "031" indicates that it is the first update released in March. Using this example, you should be able to determine the likely name for an update file for any CFS program and perform a search for it.

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