94x (941/940/943) E-Filing Step 1: Create Submission Files

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Step 1 is to create a Submission File for each employer.

  1. Select the employers for which you wish to create a file, either by checking the individual boxes or by clicking Check All Ready.
  2. Click Create Files.
  3. You will be presented with a separate Perjury Statement and Signature screen for each employer. Fill out the Electronic Funds Withdrawal Consent if you will be paying electronically. Check the I Agree box and click Continue to sign.
    If the program contains bank account information for an employer, it will appear on the form, but it will not be used unless the No payment included unless checked box is marked.
  4. After you have agreed to all the Perjury Statement and Signature forms, you will receive a message that the submission files have either been successfully created or that there are errors. If there are errors, correct them and attempt to create the file again.

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