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Employee/Recipient Options

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These may be accessed from the UTILITIES – EMPLOYEE/RECIPIENT OPTIONS menu item. The same menu will popup by clicking in the Client Folder area with the right mouse button. The options affect the way employees and recipients are displayed in the Client Folder and the way payees are displayed when entering payments BY DATE.

Sorting options are (1) sorting by name; or (2) sorting by ID number (the number is added before the name in this mode).

Recipients may be marked as Inactive.

The option to set and hide inactive recipients removes them from the Client Folder. In addition, employees and vendor payment recipients are hidden in the BY DATE payment grid. In the case of Form W-2/1099 recipients, they are hidden from the recipient dropdown list while in the form module.

941 Employees and Vendor payment recipients can also be marked as inactive on the Payee Information screen.

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