Setup Stalls During Full Install

This issue is more common with programs released before 2009. The setup for 2009 and later programs is less likely to exhibit the problem.

The program setup should proceed relatively quickly, performing the installation in two or three minutes. In some environments, however, the process may pause for minutes or even come to a complete halt. If the setup process seems to stall, there may be need for intervention.

1. Check for Hidden Welcome Screen

First, check to see if the setup "Welcome" screen has been hidden behind another window:

  1. Hold down the ALT key and hit the TAB key once. This should bring up a display in the middle of the screen with an icon for each of the currently running programs.
  2. While still holding down the ALT key, cycle through the programs by repeatedly tapping the TAB key.
  3. When you see the setup "Welcome" screen, release the ALT key to change focus to that task, and click the Next button.

If there is no "Welcome" screen, wait a few minutes and try again. If the stall lasts more than five minutes, you are not likely to succeed without shutting down and restarting the operating system.

2. Reboot and Try Again

If the setup you are trying to run is from a downloaded file, you need to know where to find the file before shutting down the computer.

When downloading the program from the CFS website, if you are giving a choice whether to RUN or SAVE the file, choose SAVE, and pay attention to the location where the file is being saved. (If you are given a choice, the desktop is a good location.) After restarting the computer, you will then be able to find the file without going back to the Internet.

If your browser does not give you a choice, the file can probably be found in your Downloads folder.

Shut down and restart the computer and review the following instructions before proceeding with the install again:

  1. Exit from all other programs which start at log on. Leaving other programs running can interfere with the setup process.
  2. Disable anti-virus programs. We have found that Norton (Symantec) anti-virus sometimes causes our setup program to stop or even disappear.

Once you have made sure no other programs are running and your virus protection is disabled, find the setup file at the previously noted location and try running it.

3. End Processes

There may be a program running in the background ("process") that is interfering with the setup procedure. 

  1. Open Windows Task Manager (hold down Ctrl and Shift and tap the Esc key).
  2. Select "Processes."
  3. Click on the first column ("Image Name" or "Name") header to sort the column alphabetically.
  4. If you see any of the following items in the Processes list, click on the process and use the "End Process" button to kill it. (Each of these processes will be automatically restarted by rebooting the computer or connecting to the Internet, so don't be concerned about ending them.)
    1. Teatimer
    3. ZCFGSVC
    4. HPwuschd2

4. Install in Safe Mode

If none of the above procedures is successful, you will need to shut down the system and restart it in "Safe Mode" before running the setup. See How do I install a program or update in "safe mode?"

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