Repair Classic Client Database

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Do this only if the module keeps opening with another client instead of the selected client, which indicates a database corruption. Repairing the client database could take a few minutes or more.
  1. Click Tools > Misc > Repair Classic Client Database. Wait for the Update Client Database dialog to finish.
    Tools > Misc > Repair Classic Client Database
    A popup with a progress bar of clients repaired.
  2. The Database Maintenance dialog will confirm if the repair was successful.
    1. If it was successful, Click OK.
      A popup confirming the Classic Client Database has been refreshed, with an "OK" button underneath.
    2. If it was not successful, click OK.
      1. If in Network Mode of TaxTools WorkShop, have every user exit the program, and try again.
      2. See Retrieving diagnostic logs, then contact CFS Tax Software, Inc. for assistance.

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