Error 12031 when Downloading


Error 12031 (Server reset) interrupts an attempt to download a file from the CFS website ( Usually, if one machine in an office cannot download from the site due to this error, none of the other computers in the office are able to do so either. It may have been possible to download from the site in the past, but suddenly it can no longer be done.


This is not caused by a problem with our website. A configuration change at the office likely caused the problem.  Although we have been unable to identify an exact cause, we believe it is a firewall issue.


The easiest workaround for this issue is to download the file at some other location. For example, if the download cannot be done at the office, download the file to a flash drive at home. Then bring the flash drive to the office to install the program or update on your office computer(s).

If this is not possible, contact CFS Technical Support, and we will send you an email with a special link for the program or update. (See How do I contact CFS for technical support?)

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