Utah Form 33H/33HA, Utah Employer Quarterly Wage List and Contribution Report

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Beginning 7/1/2019, all employers must file Form 33H/33HA electronically.

CFS supports electronic filing of the UI reports online by creating a MMREF formatted file to upload to the Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS) website. Users have 2 options. The file structure and mechanism of submittal is the same.

  1. See the UT 33H / 33HA - File Upload to DWS module in the Module Library. This module can create a file with multiple employers at once.
  2. See the Online Filing Support menu in the form module. This option creates a file for only the current employer.

 General Information and Instructions

For faster, easier filing, use our website: http://jobs.utah.gov

1. You must submit this report every quarter, even if you didn't pay wages for that quarter. (Enter “0” wages paid on the Grand Total Wage line)

2. The required method of filing this report is either typed or machine printed

3. Electronic reporting options are available. You may submit by diskette or by uploading to our secure website. Specifications are available by calling (801) 526-9590. Employers with 250 or more employees must submit wage information by electronic media.

4. Adjustments for Prior Quarters: Do not make adjustments or corrections for prior quarters on this report. Submit adjustments to prior quarters via our website: http://jobs.utah.gov/ui, or use Form-3ADJ and Form-3HADJ. These forms are available on our website, or call our office (801) 526-9235 or 1(800) 222-2857 and we can mail or fax the forms to you.

5. New Hire Reporting: Every employer is required to report data on any newly hired/rehired employee within 20 days of the employee's first day of work. This data includes the name, address, social security number, and date of hire/rehire for the employee. It also includes the employer's business name, address, and FEIN. Do not report this data on this form. You can report new hires on our website, or for other reporting options or questions call (801) 526-9235, option 7.

6. Enter the number of employees who were employed by you as of the 12th of each month of the quarter. Include full-time, part-time, intermittent and temporary employees.

7. Enter the Social Security number, Name (first name, middle initial and last name) and gross wages paid to each employee in the quarter. Gross wages means all wages earned before deductions (except deductions for a qualified Section 125 cafeteria plan are excluded). Include all payments for services including, but not limited to: cash, bonuses, commissions, tips, sick pay, vacation pay and gifts. Report only whole dollars. Attach a separate Utah Employer Quarterly Wage List Continuation Sheet, Form 33HA, with additional employee wage data if necessary.

8. Add the wages for all employees to get the Grand Total Wages for the quarter.

9. Wages for each employee are subject to contributions up to the taxable wage base for the year. Wages in excess of the taxable wage base are not subject to contributions. The taxable wage base changes every year. If the employee earns more than the taxable wage base, then the amount over the taxable wage base is not taxable. This is calculated per employee, per year. Determine the amount of excess wages for each employee and enter the total for all employees in the appropriate box. If you have trouble determining the amount of excess wages, please contact this department at (801) 526-9235, option 5; or 1(800) 222-2857. If you submit this report via our website, the website will calculate the excess wages for you.

10. Subtract the Wages in Excess from Grand Total Wages to get Subject Wages. Multiply Subject Wages by the Contribution Rate (which is printed on the form) to get Contribution Due. This is the amount you owe if you submit the form by the Due Date. If you submit this form after the Due Date, then you will need to add interest and penalty to the amount you owe.

11. Interest: If you submit this form after the due date, include interest. Simple interest is assessed on the contribution due at the rate of 1% per month that the report is overdue.

12. Late Filing Penalty: Section 35A-4-305(1) of the Utah Employment Security Act provides for a penalty for failure to file the contribution report by the due date of 5% of the contribution due for each 15 days the report is late, with a maximum of 25% and a minimum of $25.00.

13. Wage List Penalty: Section 35A-4-305(8) of the Utah Employment Security Act provides for a penalty for failure to provide wage information for each employee, for each calendar quarter. This penalty is assessed at $50 for each 15 days the wage data is late, with a maximum penalty of $250.00.

14. If your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN, aka EIN) changes, please provide us with the New FEIN. If your mailing address or phone changes, please provide us with the new information.

15. If you no longer pay wages, because you are out of business, or no longer have covered employees, please provide us with the date of last payroll so we can close your account.

16. If you transfer your business to a new owner (by sale, repossession, inheritance, etc.), please provide the contact information for the new owners. If you change your entity type (ex: change from sole proprietor to corporation), please provide the new entity information in the New Owner section.

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