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IRS website is unresponsive

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When accessing the IRS website or FIRE system, the IRS website is unresponsive. These other symptoms might be present:

  • The mouse cursor changes to a "spinning" icon or it times out.
  • The page takes a long time to load.
  • Nothing happens when a link or button is clicked or it returns to the existing page after a period of time.
  • A "service not available message" appears.


IRS servers may be straining under high volume. This is particularly more likely the closer it is to a deadline and during peak hours of the day, or due to more people e-filing than before.


There's not much CFS can do when the IRS servers are overwhelmed, other than to advise users to log out and log back in again outside of peak hours.

Consider taking screenshots or other records of the IRS website failing upon your attempts to comply with deadlines.

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