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"The current license code does not allow access..."

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The following error comes from attempting to use modules you are unlicensed for. But you may be wondering "But I bought said module, why does it still say I cannot use it" This article will show you how to update your license code information after purchasing the additional module ('s) so you can then use said modules.

Please note this article assumes you have already purchased the modules in question.


  1. Launch the program, and go to File - > Firm Information.

Delete the outdated license code.

  1. Obtain the New License Code

Go to our downloads page, or follow the instructions from the article on how to use a license code.

For information on how to more accurately navigate to this page, please see How To Download And Install Software From The CFS Website.
  1. Input the new license code. Make sure to click OK to save your changes.
  1. Close and reopen the program. Upon relaunch you should see the program now updated with your newly added module.

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