FIRE System Upload: Navigating to your File

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If you were unsuccessful in pasting your "File name and path", or otherwise need help in navigating to your file, this article will illustrate two examples of navigating to a sample file (in Payroll System's default location).

This is a similar process to navigating to a desired file in Windows Explorer or File Explorer.

In the 1099 E-FILING Module, recall how in Step 3 your File Path is displayed in the yellow area as illustrated below:

You were instructed to make note of your selected file's path (as well as File Name).

Example 1: Finding the file with the Browse dialog

  1. With this information on hand, return to the "Upload your File" screen on the FIRE System website.
  2. Click the "Browse" (or "Choose File") button as illustrated below:
  3. Select the correct file and click Open
    1. In some cases, your browser will open directly to the correct file folder. However, this cannot be assumed, as illustrated in Chrome browser example below:
    2. In this case, we need to start at the beginning of our desired File Path, the C drive on the computer:
    3. In Windows 10, "This PC" has been selected from the left menu, and we've scrolled down to OS (C:)
    4. After double-clicking on the C drive as illustrated above, "CFSLib" is the next folder on our default File Path:
    5. Continue to double-click each folder to access the next folder on the File Path. After double-clicking CFSLib, Pr2019 is the next folder on our file path:
    6. And next:
    7. After double-clicking on PR2019db double-click 1099W2efile
    8. And then double-click 1099_IRS19
    9. We have now opened up the last folder on our Path; it is next important to open the correct FILE.
    10. Note: if you SINGLE click on the file, our example continues as follows:
      1. Note after a Single-click, how the File Name is now showing in the File name field. The next step is to click: "Open".
  4. The next screen will be as follows:
  5. Note that your FILE NAME is now showing next to the Browse (or Choose File) button. After confirming it is your desired file name, click the “Upload” button on the right.
  6. You may now continue to submit your file to the IRS

Example 2: the Browse dialog opens to the wrong location

In the following example, we will use the same default File Path (and File Name). However, after choosing the "Browse" (or "Choose File") button on the FIRE System website, the browser opens to the wrong file location:

In the screenshot above, the browser has opened to a W-2 related folder. Here is our desired File Name and Path:

Note that even though the browser opened to an incorrect folder (above), nonetheless, most of its path is correct. We can simply navigate backwards:

  1. Click on the “1099W2efile” folder:
  2. You can now double-click on the next file folder on our path:
  3. Next be sure to select your desired file:
  4. After double-clicking on your desired file for upload (or single clicking, and then clicking “Open”), you will see your File Name next to the “Browse” or “Choose File” button:
  5. You may now continue to submit your file to the IRS

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