OCR-A (or OCR-ACFS) font is not properly installed

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This message refers to "Optical Character Reader" recognizable font, which is used by scannable forms in several CFS programs, especially Payroll System.


When a font is installed, a file representing the font is copied into the font folder, and relevant information from that file is placed in registration tables. If the file is not in the font folder, or if the information in the registration tables is missing or damaged, the font is not properly installed and cannot be used.


The solution is to first delete the font from the font folder if it exists there, then install the font, as follows:

  1. Open the folder containing your Payroll System software.
    By default, Payroll System is located in C:\CFSLib\Pr20yy\, however this might be different depending on your setup. Refer to your Configuration Options for more information.
  2. Close the CFS program. You will not be able to continue if the program is still open.
  3. In your Payroll System folder, find a file named ocracfs.ttf.bak. Rename that file to ocracfs.ttf
    If a warning asking "Are you sure you want to change it?" appears, click Yes.
  4. Right-click the ocracfs.ttf file, and click Install.
    If a warning asking "Do you want to replace it?" appears, click Yes.
  5. Restart the Payroll System software and verify its functionality is correct.
    If an error still occurs after this, try restarting the computer.

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