1099 E-Filing Step 4: Create state file

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For help on other parts of the 1099 e-filing module, see 1099 E-filing Module Overview.

  1. Most users will complete the required IRS FIRE System upload(s), before moving on to State 1099’s.
  2. State procedure in Step 4 is nearly identical to the Step 2: IRS File.
    The IRS Create File screen lists only payers that have data (and that aren't already included in a previously created upload file). If a payer is not listed, you must exit the CFS e-file/MagMedia 1099 module and complete the 1099's for that payer. See A client is not on the list of those that can be e-filed.
  3. For state-specific filing requirements, click here.
Payroll System does NOT support the Combined Federal/State Filing Program. You may be required to submit a separate file to your state.

California Users

Refer to Uploading 1099 files to the CA SWIFT website.

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