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Buying a subscription

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TaxTools WorkShop is free, but the products inside of TaxTools WorkShop are sold separately as subscriptions. A subscription is typically 12 months.

Subscriptions can only be purchased inside of TaxTools WorkShop. Also, it is not available for TaxTools WorkShop running on Windows 7.

To purchase a new subscription

  1. Open TaxTools WorkShop.
  2. Either click Buy or go to Internet Options > Manage Subscriptions.
  3. The Manage Subscriptions dialog will appear. You can change how prices are displayed by making a selection from the Show Prices as pulldown.
    This does not change the actual price, just whether it is displayed by the day, month, or year.
    The entire subscription is paid for up front (e.g. one annual payment instead of monthly payments).
  4. Under Add Subscription, choose the product to purchase in the Toolbox Package pulldown.
    A subscription comes with 2 free Concurrent Users. The ability to install on a network is purchased separately. Please see the Network Upgrade plus Additional Users step.
  5. Choose a date for the subscription to end under Until.
  6. Click Add to Order.
  7. Under Network Upgrade plus Additional Users, choose an option. Click Add to Order if selecting an option.
  8. Review your selections.
    You might see a partial month credit. See Partial-month subscription credit.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Fill out your payment information.
  11. Click Submit. Now you can access your new products.

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