"This client is currently locked by another user. Access is denied."

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In the event of an unnatural program termination (power failure, etc.) the client may be left in a locked state. The program will display the following message:

This client is currently locked by another user. Access is denied.

If you have verified that the client is NOT IN USE by another user, then the record may be unlocked using the REMOVE ALL CLIENT LOCKS menu item under UTILITIES-NETWORK UTILITIES.


The Network Version provides a measure of added data protection by preventing collisions between multiple users. If one user is adding/editing/deleting data in a client's folder or editing the client information itself, then the program locks other users out of that client's folder thereby protecting the data that is being worked on. In normal operation, the client's folder is released for other users when the module is exited.


Use the Remove All Client Locks feature to unlock all clients that were inadvertently left locked.

This utility should be used after all other users have exited from the program.
  1. Go to the main screen of the program.
  2. Click Utilities > Network Utilities > Remove All Client Locks.

If preparers are locked

Preparers can also be unlocked in the same manner. Use Remove All Preparer Locks in that case.

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