PowerTools interface

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New! You can choose to give select modules a different look. By toggling on the PowerTools option, select modules will have additional features:

  • Scroll-wheel support
  • Multi-page views
  • Additional zoom options
  • Print preview
  • Clean, modern design

PowerTools can be toggled on or off whenever you want. Stick with the original module design, choose the PowerTools design, or use both—the choice is up to you! Please note:

  • Saved work can't be converted from one design to the other. For example, if you start working on a module with PowerTools off, you can't convert that existing work into the PowerTools look-and-feel, and vice-versa—you would have to open up a fresh instance of the same module. (However, you can open up the first module and the second module side-by-side if you need to re-key the data).
  • Not all modules have a PowerTools version, but more will be added throughout the year. With PowerTools enabled, look for the blue PowerTools icon to the right of the module name in the list of modules in the bottom part of the screen.

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