Why aren't all the programs I ordered on the CD?

The software installer on the "CFS Software for Tax Professionals CD" does three things, in sequence.

  1. It opens a "Firm Information" form for you to fill out, so that the program knows which software on the CD you are licensed for.
  2. It lists all CFS programs installed on the computer that are also on the CD, along with the version numbers. (New programs are not on this list; they are on the next screen.) It will then ask you if you wish to apply any updates that are available.
  3. After the updates have been applied, the next screen displays a list of programs on the CD that have not been previously installed. If the program is licensed according to the firm information and license code entered in step 1, it is highlighted and will be installed. However, you may click on highlighted programs to deselect them if you do not wish to install them at this time. You may also click on programs in the list which are not licensed to install them in demo mode.

If the program you are looking for was not in the "Update" list and was not in the "New programs" list, it may not be on the CD. The list of programs included on the CD is printed on the CD; you may look for it there.

Each CD has a number which indicates when it was released. The first part of the number is the year. To the right of the decimal point is a three digit number. This number is the approximate day of the year the CD was released. For example, CD 2007.005 will be released at the beginning of the year and will not contain any programs which have not yet been released at that time. The following list indicates the approximate release dates for several programs.

  • xxxx.030 CA Sales Tax Preparer,
  • xxxx.270 Payroll System W2/1099.
  • xxxx.360 Payroll System e-file add-on

If, for example, you are trying to install CA Sales Tax Preparer and the CD number is 2007.010, the program will not be found.

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