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"Not Saved" message when saving Firm Information

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This issue can occur when running the software stand-alone and more commonly when running the software on a network.

A series of messages are displayed when the user attempts to save Firm Information. The messages mention the name of the software and '[field] not saved'. [Field] is usually the name of a data field used by the software. The data fields are associated with Firm Information. Here are some examples of this type of message.


This issue is usually caused by insufficient user permissions. The software is unable to access data inside one or more files.

A common file affected by this problem is CFSREG.INI.

CFSREG.INI is located inside the C:\CFSLIB folder when running the software stand-alone and when running the software on a network.

Even when running on a network, the software still uses files on the local machine. CFSREG.INI is one of these files.


Ensure the user running the software has READ/WRITE/EXECUTE/MODIFY permissions to the C:\CFSLIB folder and everything inside this folder.

If you are not familiar with Windows user permissions and how to check / edit them, contact the administrator of the computer.

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