Fixing rejected files

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  1. If a file is rejected, click View Saved Ack File to look at the Acknowledgement File and try to determine what the problem is.
  2. Browse to the file, open it, and scroll through it, looking for error messages.
    Most errors are the result of incomplete or incorrect data on the return. In the above example, the EIN and Name Control in the file did not match the information the IRS had on file. The discrepancy must be corrected in the form module and a new file saved.
  3. You must reset the Transmission and Submission file status before creating new files. Use the individual checkboxes and/or Check/Uncheck buttons to select employers you wish to reset.
  4. Next, click Reset Transmission Files to reset Transmission files.
  5. Finally, click Reset Submission Files to reset checked Submission files.
    If you make a mistake while resetting files, click Undo Last Reset after checking employers you wish to undo.
  6. Return to Step 1 to prepare new files and submit them.

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