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A list of clients, also referred to as employers or payers, in the current database is displayed on the top-left half of the screen. (Double-click the CLIENT LIST label to toggle display of the client ID numbers.) Select a client by clicking with the mouse. The selected client may be edited or deleted with the appropriate buttons. Multiple clients may be selected for deletion. To select a group of clients that are next to each other, select the first client; then, while holding down the SHIFT key, select the last client. To select multiple clients that are not next to each other, hold the CTRL key down while selecting clients. New clients may be added with the Add Client button which will display the Edit Employer/Payer Information Screen.

See Client List Options for information on customizing the Client List. See Quickly Changing Options Directly From the Client List using the right-click menu.

The right half of the screen displays the current Client Folder. The Client Folder is a list of employees/payees and form or worksheet modules that have one or more data files saved for the current client. Click on an entry in the Client Folder to open the tree and view the payee names or saved file descriptions. The current Module Library selection is displayed below the Client Folder. If a module has been selected, then choosing the Load Module button will open that module for saving in the current client's folder. If a module has been selected in the Client Folder, then choosing the Open File button will open that module.

Clients may be restored using the Restore Selected Clients menu item on the Utilities Menu. When clients are 'deleted' using the Delete button they are transferred to another database from which they may be restored at a later time.

A list of clients may be printed by clicking the Reports button and selecting Employer List from the Employer/Payee Information Reports dropdown list. Client mailing labels may be printed by selecting Labels from the File menu which will load the Label/Envelope Maker module.

Note: The user may choose to display several client fields by creating and saving Client List Option files, or by selecting one of the program provided files as the default. See Client List Options on the Utilities menu. For example, when there are duplicate clients in the list, the user can choose to display the Control Number field in addition to the Client name. This is useful to distinguish one client entry from a duplicate client entry by putting something different in the Control Number field. See the Copy Current Client function on the Utilities menu. Another example would be to display status fields to help track the status of clients when completing payroll and filing forms.

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