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Importing clients from other CFS software into TaxTools WorkShop

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When TaxTools WorkShop is first installed and launched, no clients will be in the Client List. While you can add your clients from scratch, TaxTools WorkShop comes with ways to import your clients from other CFS software.

Typically, only client demographic data will import, NOT the work you've saved for the client in the other program (i.e. forms and worksheets).

Method 1: Import clients from TaxTools 2021

Since TaxTools is our flagship program, many customers installed TaxTools 2021 earlier in the year and have their clients in that program.

TaxTools and TaxTools WorkShop are two different programs that perform similar functions. The main difference is that TaxTools WorkShop not only can do all the work that TaxTools can but also the work of multiple other CFS programs.

See Method 2 or Method 3 if you don't have TaxTools. If you have TaxTools 2021 installed, you can import its clients by:

  1. Open TaxTools WorkShop.
  2. On the menu bar, click Utilities > Import > Import Clients from TaxTools 2021.
  3. The Import Clients dialog will appear so that the requisite .dbf file can be selected.
    1. The program will attempt to find the .dbf file automatically.
    2. When the correct file is selected, the Data Path text will be blue, and a green checkmark will appear next to the .dbf file in the list.
    3. Click Next when the correct file is selected.
  4. A list of clients to import will appear. To import all of them, click Import All. Or, to select only certain clients, press and hold the CTRL key while left-clicking the ones to import, then click Import.
    Preparers and custom labels will also be imported if the respective boxes are marked.
  5. A confirmation dialog will appear that warns that if a matching client already exists in the program that it will be overwritten. Click Yes if you wish to continue with the import.

Method 2: Auto-import clients from select programs

TaxTools WorkShop can communicate with certain CFS programs on your computer in a way that simplifies the import process. To see which programs you can Auto-import from:

  1. Open TaxTools WorkShop.
  2. On the menu bar, click Utilities > Import from Other CFS software.
  3. A submenu with a list of programs will appear. Identify a program you have installed that you would like to import from. If there is a black arrow on the same line as the program, another submenu will appear if you click it. If there is NOT a black arrow, click that program title in that menu and go to Method 1, Step 3.
  4. Click Auto-import Clients...
  5. The Import Clients dialog will appear. Go to Method 1, Step 4 and follow the instructions.

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