Error 3633 when Starting Payroll System

Payroll System data is contained in a Microsoft Access database. Support for this database is provided by a group of sub-programs called the “Jet Engine.” Error 3633 indicates that the Jet Engine is damaged, i.e., that one or more of the modules is either missing or de-registered. 


If the error occurs on a workstation where Payroll System has been installed for some time, the uninstall of some other program has probably removed a component of the Jet Engine. If the error occurs on a new workstation, there were probably error messages during the installation indicating that some components were not installed.


To fix the problem, the program should be uninstalled (Control panel – Add/Remove Programs or Control Panel – Programs and Features) and reinstalled.

To uninstall and install you must be logged on to the workstation with administrator privileges. 

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