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Error: "Installed Version Could Not Be Determined"

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The installer displays this error message:

Installed Version Could Not Be Determined


Avast anti-virus software has been known to trigger this error.

Avast will actively scan and isolate the installer as the installer is running and the user is interacting with it.

Since the installer was isolated from the rest of the system temporarily while Avast evaluates it, it cannot examine the computer's file structure to determine if other CFS software or earlier versions of the program being installed exist, triggering the error message.


Allow Avast to do its job before continuing with the installation.

Typically when the installer is run, Avast will isolate the installer, adding a light-blue CyberCapture frame around the installer window.

Delay progressing through the installation until the light-blue CyberCapture frame disappears and Avast declares the installer safe.

This same approach may be needed if the computer uses anti-virus software other than Avast. Allow the security software to complete its scan, then continue with the installation once the scan is complete.

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