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941 E-Filing Module Overview

Getting started

CFS is not a third-party transmitter. CFS does not file the 941s; you do. CFS creates the file for you to upload to the agency.
  1. Review the Requirements to E-File Forms 941.
  2. Submit a Communications Test File.
  3. Review the different Signature Methods.
  4. Prepare the forms for e-filing, just as you would when submitting on paper.
    Duplicate returns in one filing period will cause an error. If you have created more than one return for an employer, delete any duplicates.

Step-by-step procedure

Begin by opening the E-File Federal Employment Tax Returns module then follow these steps:

  1. See Step 1: Create Submission Files.
  2. See Step 2: Create Transmission Files.
  3. See Step 3: Upload Files.
  4. See Step 4: Check Ack File.

If files are rejected, see Fixing rejected files.

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94x (941/940/943) E-Filing Step 1: Create Submission Files