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Reports are displayed on the report viewer screen. Two export options are available on the File menu of the report viewer. Export to PDF will create a Portable Document Format (PDF extension) file of the report. If the PDF file is saved in the client's directory then it will be listed in the Client Folder on the main screen in the PDF Files subfolder. The PDF file may be loaded and viewed by double clicking it in the list if the user has Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Export to Excel will create an Excel file (XLS extension). To load this file the user must have Excel installed. This file is not displayed in the Client Folder. Note: This option is available in Schedule D Tools and Financial Tools only.

Several options for navigating the report are available. A scrollbar on the right allows the report screen to scroll up and down. The user may also use the mouse to drag the screen up and down. Up and down arrows on the toolbar move back and forth through the pages in order. The user may also use the PgUp and PgDn keys to move through the pages if the report has the focus.

Some reports have a Table of Contents (TOC) pane on the left. Entries in the TOC may be clicked to go directly to that page. The TOC may be opened or closed using the left most button on the toolbar.

The user may also type the desired page number directly into the page number box on the toolbar. The back and forward arrows on the toolbar move back and forward through previously navigated pages, much like the back and forward buttons in an internet browser.

The Find window (click the binoculars on the toolbar) may be used to locate text within the report.

Other buttons on the toolbar allow for different views of the report. It may be zoomed in or out and displayed as a single page or multiple pages.

The copy button copies the current page to the clipboard which then may be pasted into other applications such as a word processor.

The print button allows the user to print all or selected pages of the report.

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