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Create a copy of a client

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  1. Open Client List Options. See Displaying client details in the Client List.
  2. Change the setting to show the ID and Control Number. See Show ID and Control No.
  3. Left-click to select the client to copy.
  4. From the menu bar click Utilities > Copy Current Client. A duplicate client will appear in the Client List.
    To distinguish the duplicate client from the original, the Control Number field will be modified to contain the number "2". If the Control Number of the original client was already "2" then the number will be "3". The data directory of the duplicate client will be modified by adding an "A" to the end. If that directory already exists, then it will be changed to "B", etc.

Duplicate a client for the purpose of submitting prior year files

To submit a prior year file while maintaining separation of the prior year forms/files from the current year:

  1. Follow the steps in above to create a copy of the client.
  2. Double-click on the newly created client and type PRIOR in Control Number.
  3. Click Save. There should now be duplicate clients in the list. The one with PRIOR as is the duplicated client.
    If you are working with more than one previous year, you will make a copy of your client for each year. Rename their Control numbers to distinguish (examples: “Prior19”, “Prior18”).

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