Rolling over client data

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After clients are imported from a prior-year CFS program, TaxTools WorkShop will automatically attempt to "roll over" their data—that is, the work you've saved for the client (the worksheets, forms, and calculator modules you've saved in their client folder).

Some saved work will roll over automatically if the module did not change from the prior year. Modules that did change, like the Tax Planner, will first need to go through a conversion process.

Convert saved work from prior year to current year

  1. Import your clients if they aren't already there.
  2. Some saved work have rolled over already. Modules that haven't rolled over need to be converted from the prior year format to the current year format. To convert a module, simply launch it from the list of modules at the bottom of the main screen of TaxTools WorkShop by double-clicking on it.
  3. If the program detects that this module requires conversion, it will display the Convert Last Year's Data dialog. Click OK.
  4. If no dialog displayed, either the module isn't convertible to the current year, or some files weren't successfully copied from the prior year. To instruct the program to copy the files again, click Utilities > Maintenance > Recover Saved Files. Then repeat Step 2.

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