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"Initial Validation Failed"

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This message is caused by a part of the installation not validating correctly, which indicates a problem with the installation.

The word in parenthesis can be used to determine the cause and solution.


Reinstall the program.


The program is unable to connect to the database. Update the program, or check the permissions of the database folder.


Check the network connection.


A location required by the program doesn't exist or is inaccessible.

Check the application log, usually located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\CFSSoftware\Tt\logs\, for messages such as "Could not find file [PATH]".

  • Verify that the listed directory is correct and exists.
  • If it doesn't exist, create it.
  • If it exists, check to make sure the folder has 'Modify' permissions for the current user.
  • If this location is not correct, please follow the instructions to manually update the database location.

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