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Opening the Payroll Data Grid

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The Payroll Data Grid is the heart of the 941/940 and LivePayroll portions of Payroll System. To open it:

  1. Select either 941/940 or 941/940 Live Payroll from Select Program to Display, depending on which product you are licensed for.
  2. Click Payroll Data.
  3. The Payroll Data Grid appears.

Payroll Data Grid elements

New Check

This button moves the cursor to the date field for the next check to be entered.

Prev and Next

Clicking these buttons moves to the previous or next employee shown in the Client Folder. When entering checks by date, the buttons move to the previous or next employee in the Payroll Data Grid.

Enter by Date/Payee

This button allows the user to switch between Enter by Date and Enter by Payee methods. See Choose between entering paychecks by payee or by date.

Add New Payee

Click this button to open the Payee Info screen (and change to Enter by Payee mode, if necessary) to allow data entry for a new employee.


Place the cursor on any cell in a particular paycheck row and click this button to recalculate the check.

Normally this would be used to recalculate a check overwritten in error or after a check was entered or edited with a date preceding this check.

Recalculation will recompute the subject wage amounts for all deductions and taxes and the deduction amount and tax amount, if appropriate. Typically this would include taxes and deductions with percentage calculations or fixed amounts. If an employee is not subject to an item, then recalculation will remove any amounts that appear in the column.


Place the cursor on any cell in a particular paycheck row and click this button to delete the paycheck.

Any checks already entered after that check should be Recalculated.


This displays a menu of display and calculation options. See Customizing the Payroll Data Grid with the Options button.


This closes the Payroll Data Grid screen and returns to the Module Library.

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