1099 E-Filing: IRIS CSV Portal Combined Fed/State filing

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CFS Payroll System does not support Combined Fed/State filing in FIRE or in IRIS, however, after uploading the CSV file to IRIS, the user can manually edit the Unsubmitted Forms to specify Combined Fed/State filing if they wish. 

Combined Fed/State filing requires that the user knows the state requirements (which forms, when is direct filing required, etc.). CFS support cannot help determine these requirements; you must contact the appropriate state agency.

To manually edit the unsubmitted forms after they are uploaded:

  1. From the IRIS Dashboard, click View Unsubmitted Forms.
  2. From the list of forms, click the link under Status.
  3. From the Review and Confirm screen, click Payments.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Scroll down to Combined Federal/State Filing (CF/SF) and mark the checkbox.
  6. Check all the states that apply.
  7. Click Next through each section.
  8. Click Submit, or, go back to Unsubmitted Forms and repeat the steps above for each.

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