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1099 E-Filing: Submitting IRIS CSV Portal corrections

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You must submit corrections through the portal for information returns submitted through the Taxpayer Portal. Examples:

  • Incorrect money amount(s)
  • Incorrect payment type(s)
  • Incorrect distribution code(s)
  • No recipient TIN
  • Incorrect recipient TIN
  • Incorrect recipient name
  • Incorrect check box
  • Original return filed using wrong type of return (for example, you filed a Form 1099-DIV, when it should’ve been a Form 1099-INT)
  • You filed a return when one shouldn’t have been filed
Make corrections as soon as possible.
If you need to make a correction to a form sent to the IRS and the transmission has a status of Accepted or Accepted with Errors, use the Make a Correction page to address the identified errors.
  1. Click View Submitted Forms on the Dashboard to view all submitted forms.
  2. Mark the check box next to the transmission in need of correction. After making the selection(s), click Correct.
  3. Follow the steps on the Make a Correction page to begin the correction process on one or more forms.
You can only complete the correction process for each form once. If a form is corrected, you’ll no longer be able to correct that original form. The form you’ve selected for correction will maintain a historical receipt ID with the original parent transmission. If you’ve incorrectly selected a form for correction, you’ll be able to delete the form from the View Unsubmitted Forms page.

Record ID Link: Once the IRS accepts a form with correction, the historic receipt ID will populate and link the form to its original transmission.

Historic Receipt ID Link: A historic receipt ID will populate with the receipt ID of the parent transmission for corrected records. Clicking it will send you to the View Submitted Forms Details page for the parent transmission.

If you’ve started a correction and need to complete it, navigate to the Unsubmitted Forms page and select In Progress for the selected form. You’ll advance to the Payer Information page, displaying the information you previously sent to the IRS.

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