Error Message: "Not a Valid Win32 Executable"


This message indicates that the file was not completely downloaded. Only a portion of the file is present on the computer, and therefore the file will not execute. This happens infrequently with broadband (DSL, cable, etc.) but is a common problem with dial-up connections.


Try the operation again, comparing the expected file size to what actually gets downloaded.

When downloading a large file by means of a dial-up connection, service may "time out" after about 30 minutes. To prevent this, every twenty minutes or so move the mouse (don't click, just move).

If the download fails consistently, download to a flash drive at some other physical location. For example, if the download problem happens at the office, try downloading to a flash drive at home. You can then plug the flash drive into the computer where the file could not be downloaded and run the setup from the flash drive.

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