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Error 94 - Invalid Use Of Null: When Trying To Add/Edit Payroll Data

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This article applies to the Payroll System only.


This error is encountered in Payroll System when the user tries to add/edit payroll data.

Typically, attempting to access a single employee triggers this error. It would be unusual for the error to occur for multiple employees across multiple clients


Bad data may exist in the affected employee's paycheck data.

Frequently, bad date data is the root cause of this error.

Regardless of the exact cause, the solution is the same.


Run Payroll Diagnostics. Payroll Diagnostics is a function in Payroll System that examines all payroll data for all clients to ensure all data is valid.

  1. Select an employee from a client folder that does not trigger the error. If only one employee exists in the software and that employee is triggering the error, create a new temporary dummy employee to select.
  2. Once selected the employee's paycheck grid will be displayed.
  3. Just above the paycheck grid is a toolbar. On the toolbar is an 'Options' button represented by a yellow light bulb graphic. Click this button.
  4. A pop-up menu will be displayed. Click the 'Payroll Diagnostics' menu option.
  5. Payroll Diagnostics will run automatically and generate a summary report of all issues discovered (if any).
  6. Even if Payroll Diagnostics did not report a problem specifically relating to the error by name, it will have automatically corrected any problematic data it ran across.
  7. The employee that triggered the error should now be accessible.

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