Does Payroll Corrector correct prior year's forms?

Michael Toney Updated by Michael Toney

Yes. You can correct prior year's forms with a later Payroll Corrector. Users can correct 2020 941s with 2022 Payroll Corrector. Users can correct 2018 W-2s with a 2021 Payroll Corrector.

As an example, let's say someone has 2022 Payroll Corrector and they need to correct a 2021 Form 941. They do not need to purchase the 2021 Payroll Corrector. It can be corrected using the 2022 program.

If you want your corrected forms to be saved in that respective year's database, then you might want to use the Payroll Corrector that corresponds to that year rather than use a later Payroll Corrector to correct prior year's forms.

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