Getting Started

Getting Started

Instructional videos demonstrating program usage can be viewed from The instructional video website can also be accessed from the program's Help menu. Even experienced users can benefit from viewing the videos.

Also available are several productivity ideas that may be found in the Tip of the Day window. This feature is accessed from the same Help menu. CFS strongly recommends that each user take a few moments to familiarize themselves with the program by using each of these tools.

Following is a brief descriptive tutorial to help the user begin to productively use the program.

  1. Add a Client - In order to create and save data files that you want to be grouped by client you must first add a client to the Client List. Click the Add Client button to load the Client Information Screen.

First select whether this is an individual or business client, and then enter the appropriate profile information.

This profile information is used to automatically complete portions of the forms. Click the Close button when finished and save the record at the prompt. The client should now be listed in the Client List.

  1. Choose a Module - Make sure you have selected the desired client from the list.

Double-click the desired module in the Module Library list to load it or highlight it by clicking once and pressing <ENTER>.

The module will load and any pertinent client information will be automatically entered into the appropriate portions of the form.

You may change clients while in the module by selecting the desired client from the drop-down list on the toolbar.

If you want the new client's information to fill in the form, then select MAP CLIENT from the OPTIONS menu (or click the MAP CLIENT button on the toolbar).

When a file is saved it will be saved to the folder of the client displayed in the list.

NOTE: If a client's information is edited on the client input screen, the user must select MAP CLIENT in order to update any form that was PREVIOUSLY SAVED.

  1. 3) Complete the Module - Enter the required information for the module. For further general information on the form and worksheet interface, see Module Interface.

To obtain Help, see the HELP menu for the available options.

Pressing <F1> will usually bring up an overview of the module.

<F2> provides help in completing the current field.

If desired, print the results of the module by choosing PRINT from the menu.

When finished, choose CLOSE ALL from the FILE menu.

Answer YES to the prompt to save the data.

You must then enter a file description in the Save to Client screen. This description will be displayed the next time you load this module with the same client.

  1. Edit the Data - To edit the data that was just entered you may do one of two things: a) load the same module from the Module Library Menu with the same client

b) choose the desired module from the Client Folder by double clicking the entry or highlight the entry and click the EDIT FILE button.

Either way, the list of file descriptions will be displayed from which to choose. Select the desired entry. The data will be loaded into the module for editing.

Saving the data will overwrite the same data file. If you want to save the new data as a different file you must choose SAVE FILE AS from the FILE drop-down menu. SAVE FILE AS is not an option for modules allowing one file per period.

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