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The modules in W2/1099 are in red text instead of black text

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With W-2/1099 Information Returns selected, the modules listed in the Module Library are in red text and are inaccessible. Normally, they are in black text. Sometimes it is attended with a dialog, either:

  • "Not Available: W-2/1099 Information Returns is scheduled to be released in summer...", or
  • The current license code does not allow access to the forms and features...". See "The current license code does not allow access..."

Solution 1

Payroll System needs to be updated.

  1. Follow How do I download and install an update from within the program?
  2. If it says "There is no update currently posted for Payroll System" then the product is not yet ready to be released. Typically W2/1099 is released in late summer or early fall.
After updating, make sure your license code is updated. See Using a License Code to access a program.

Solution 2

  1. Toggle Select Program to Display from the current selection to something else.
  2. Toggle Select Program to Display to W-2/1099 Information Returns.
  3. If the text is still in red, exit the program and repeat the previous step.

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