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Before e-filing W-2s, you must have a Social Security Business Services Online account.

Select Business Services Online (SSA for W-2 Filing) from the Internet Options menu in Payroll System to open your browser to the BSO website.

At the Business Services Online site, click the Register button to create an account.

If  you are a new user or you need to add wage reporting to your existing account, we will mail an activation code.
The activation code is sent via the United States Postal Service (USPSto the employer’s address registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Your employer will usually receive it within two (2) weeks.
You will need the activation code to complete your account registration or the change to your existing account.
We recommend registering for BSO before W-2 reporting season in January. This will ensure you are in compliance before submitting W-2s.
You must change your password at least every 90 days to keep it from expiring.

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