Why does CFS no longer send renewal packets?

John Logue Updated by John Logue

Prior to 2019, we sent customers a renewal packet in the spring, summer, and fall, containing a renewal form, a catalog, a newsletter, and a business reply envelope.

In 2018, the Supreme Court determined that states have the right to collect sales tax based on the amount of business a company does in the state rather than physical presence. We found ourselves having to collect sales tax from customers in states where we had "economic nexus."

Differences in state sales tax made it difficult for us to design a single, uniform paper renewal form, so we began sending reminder postcards in lieu of the renewal packet. We also continue to send email reminders.

If you need a paper renewal form because you want to fax or mail your order, you can download one in PDF format at our website. However, we urge you to renew online, where the sales tax (if any) will be calculated for you.

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