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Creating an IRS FIRE account

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  1. Go to the IRS login page.
  2. Click Create New Account.

Effective January 1, 2022, FIRE Account User ID format will change.

Your new User ID must contain,

•        a minimum of 8 to 25 characters

•        both alpha and numeric characters, with

•        no special characters or no spaces. 

If your current User ID does not meet these criteria, you will be prompted to create a new User ID. At that point, the system will log you out and place you back on the logon page. You will then be able to logon using your newly created User ID.

During the process, you will create a User Name, Password, a 10 digit PIN, and a secret phrase. Be sure to safely keep a record of these items, which you will need to login.

If you have any questions, call the IRS FIRE System phone number: (866) 455-7438.

To acquire a TCC, see Applying for a Transmittal Control Code (TCC).

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