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Creating an IRS FIRE account

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You must obtain a TCC before you can establish a FIRE Account to transmit files through the FIRE Systems (Production and Test). The system will prompt you to create your User ID, password, 10-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) and secret phrase. Each user should create their individual FIRE Account and login credentials. Multiple FIRE Accounts can be created under one TCC. Refer to the FIRE webpage for additional information on account creation.
  1. Go to the IRS login page.
  2. Click Create New Account.

Effective January 1, 2022, FIRE Account User ID format will change.

• Click “Create New Account”

• Input TCC, EIN (No Dashes) and Company Name

• Create User ID

• Create and verify password and click “Create”

• Input required information and click “Submit”.

• If the message “Account Created” is received, click “OK”

• Create and verify the 10-digit self-assigned PIN and click “Submit” (phone number is a good 10 digit PIN)

• If the message “Your PIN has been successfully created!” is received, click “OK”

• Create and verify the Secret Phrase along with validation fields and click “Create”

• If the message “Create Secret Phrase – Success” is received, click “OK”

• You will be logged out automatically and will need to log back in to confirm User Account was successfully created.

Password Criteria

• Must contain a minimum of 8 characters

• Limited to a maximum of 20 characters

• Must contain at least one special character # ? ! @ $ % ^ & * . , -

• Must contain at least one upper case letter (alpha character)

• Must contain at least one lower case letter (alpha character)

• Must contain at least one number (numeric character)

• Passwords must be changed every 90 days; the previous 24 passwords cannot be used

• Passwords cannot contain the User ID or User Name

If you have any questions, call the IRS FIRE System phone number: (866) 455-7438.

To acquire a TCC, see Applying for a Transmittal Control Code (TCC).

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