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How to download and install software from the CFS website

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Web browsers put downloaded files in different locations. This article will help you find where each of the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge) put the CFS installation file you may have downloaded from our website at

  1. Go to the Download page. If you are not logged into your MyCFS account, expect to enter your Customer ID and Zip Code.
  2. After entering your Customer ID and zip code, click the blue Go to download page button.
At the next page, you will see your current license codes. Notice the yellow highlight.
  1. Click the blue Download button on the row of the software to be download.
    The same product may appear multiple times on the list, so be sure to download the correct version (i.e. the program year).
  1. Find the downloaded file. See Finding a downloaded file.
  2. Install the program. If installing in a network environment, see How do I perform a network installation? Otherwise, see How do I install the single user version of a program?

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