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Recover Missing Clients

Daniel Strachan Updated by Daniel Strachan

If when updating TaxTools WorkShop some clients are not visible afterwards, these missing clients may be recoverable with a special import.

  1. From the menu bar, click Utilities > Maintenance > Recover Missing Clients.
    The menu bar, showing Utilities > Maintenance > Recover Missing Clients
  2. On the Import Clients dialog, click Yes to start the import, or No or Cancel to cancel the recovery.
    A popup to import missing clients from last year, with buttons underneath for "Yes", "No", and "Cancel".
  3. Click OK.
    A popup numbering how many clients were imported.
    If TaxTools WorkShop can't find the clients from the last version before the update, it will attempt an import from other CFS software. See Importing Clients From Other CFS Software Into TaxTools Workshop and follow the instructions from Step 3.

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