New York Form NYS-45, Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting and Unemployment Insurance Return

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NYS-45 must be electronically filed for periods period on of after April 30, 2015. See the New York E-filing Overview. For CFS e-filing support, see the Online Filing Support section below, and see NYS-45/NYS-1 - E-filing (Web Upload Files).

This module contains New York Form NYS-45, Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting and Unemployment Insurance Return. This form can only be used if the employer has NY set as the PAYROLL STATE.

Data may be imported from the 941 Payroll Data previously entered. Select IMPORT/UTIL from the menu to import the desired quarter. The user must complete the portions of the forms that were not filled in by the import routine.

Form NYS-45 will list up to five employees and payroll data. If more than five employees are to be listed they must all appear on the attachment Form NYS-45-ATT. Click NEXT and PREV to navigate among attachment pages. If a new page is created, it will print and be counted in the page count even if blank. Pages may be deleted from the IMPORT/UTIL menu.

Use Form NYS-45-X to amend Form NYS-45. Form NYS-45-ATT may be used to amend the employee wage report if more lines are required than are available on Form NYS-45-X. See the instructions for Form NYS-45-X to determine the proper entries to make when amending employee wage entries.

Online Filing Support

Users choosing to file via Web File on New York's online filing website can create a CSV file with wage data for a single employer. When filing online, the wage data can be imported into the online system using New York's Copy and Paste function (requires Microsoft Excel or equivalent spreadsheet). This Form NYS-45 module can create the properly formatted file by following these steps:

  1. Complete and save Form NYS-45 in CFS Payroll System.
  2. From the Online Filing Support menu in Form NYS-45 click the Create Copy and Paste File for NY.GOV ID option. The file will be loaded into your default CSV file program (usually Microsoft Excel if installed). If the file does not load, then the user must manually start the spreadsheet program and open the file (the file name and path was listed in the message box).
  3. Log in to the NY.GOV ID website (employer or preparer as appropriate) by clicking the appropriate menu item. Begin filing for the desired employer and follow New York's Copy and Paste instructions below.
  4. Complete any other necessary information for the filing online, such as payment information, and file the return.
To aid users in logging into the website they may enter the log-in information into the Store Log-in Info screen for the Employer or Preparer. When the Log-in menu option is clicked, the program will launch the system's default browser, wait a few seconds, and attempt to type the log-in information into the state website. If log-in fails because the website loaded too slowly then the user can increase the number of seconds used as a delay on the log-in info storage screen. If log-in continues to fail, then CFS recommends that the log-in information be entered manually.

See Online Filing Support for a description that is not state specific, but more detailed.

New York's Copy and Paste Instructions

How to copy the data into the application:· Login and go to the NYS-45 Web File service, proceed to the “Copy and Paste Wage Reporting Information” screen.

  • Locate and open the spreadsheet on your computer that contains your employee wage reporting detail.
  • Select the rows and columns you want to copy and paste by clicking in the cells and dragging down and across the spreadsheet. This will highlight the data that will be copied. (Do not include the header row in your selection)
  • Copy the information that is highlighted.
  • Click on your internet browser window to display the “Copy and Paste Wage Reporting Information” screen.
  • Click in the empty box on the screen.
  • Paste your copied information.
  • Your wage reporting data should now be visible.
  • Select Format to continue your return filing.
  • Your employee wage data will be displayed on the “Data Entry Wage Reporting Information” screen. Any errors detected will be highlighted.
  • Review each page of wage detail and correct errors by typing over the data on the screen.
  • If you made an error and need to begin again, you can select Clear All on the “Copy and Paste Wage Reporting Information” page or the “Data Entry Wage Reporting Information” page and start the process from the beginning.
  • When you are ready to go on to the next part of your return filing, select Continue.

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