Handling omitted payees when 1099's or W-2's are added after transmission

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Usually W-2 and 1099 forms are completed, created, saved and transmitted at the same time. However, if new W-2 or 1099 forms need to be filed after the original files are transmitted, the program will allow separate files to be created, saved and transmitted.

These files will have a status of either ''W2s added'' or ''1099s added''. This applies to both the federal and required state files.

It is no longer necessary to set up a duplicate employer.
Do not reset any files, as they are not affected by these added files.

A payer may have two 1099 types ready (e.g. INT and MISC), but the 1099-DIV is not. You can still process the 1099-INT and MISC, and then process the 1099-DIV later in a separate file. They do not have to be processed together. The IRS urges submitters to process multiple payers together.

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