Invoice Generator

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This module will generate an invoice for the preparer quickly. The user must first complete the setup input screen and then select PRINT/PREVIEW from the FILE menu. The invoice document is loaded into the CFS editor. The user may edit the document as desired. Printing and saving of the invoice is done from the FILE menu. Note that the letter is saved to a separate file from the setup screen but both files use the same extension number.

The setup screen consists of a standard line of text "For Professional Services Rendered:" which may be edited and saved as the default for new invoices. A paragraph follows for entering an explanation or description of the work performed. Lines below the paragraph are for entering invoice items and amounts. If the amount fields are filled the total is calculated. Alternatively, the user may override the total calculation and enter it directly. A short paragraph may be entered after the amount fields. This may include final instructions or a disclaimer which may be common to all invoices. A button allows saving the final paragraph text and the standard line at the beginning as the default to use with all new invoices.

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