"Recopying" your File Name and Path to the Windows Clipboard

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In Navigating the IRS FIRE System Website and Step 3 of the 1099 E-Filing Overview, we discussed pasting your "File Name and Path" into the FIRE System website for upload. If it did not paste, this article will show you how to re-copy the necessary information to your clipboard.

This can occur when you have used your "Windows clipboard" between the time you "created" your file in the 1099 E-Filing Module, and the time you tried "pasting" its location (File Path and File Name) into the FIRE System website.

If you would rather "navigate" to your file location, click here.

  1. Open the Payroll System 1099 E-FILING Module to Step 3. If in your current computer session you were trying to paste into the FIRE website, the module should still be open on your computer. If the window was minimize and is not visible, try pressing "Alt + Tab" to reveal that window. If the Module was closed, re-open the "Create 1098/1099/W-2G e-file/MagMedia Files" module. See Step 3.
  2. Confirm that your file desired for upload is still highlighted in blue. If it is not, "click once" on the File Name which you desire to upload to the FIRE System. Your selected file will now be highlighted in blue.

  • Under "Program File Name", the most recently created file should end in the highest number. In the example above, the file ends in "-2".
  • The box on the right lists the Payer(s), Form Types, and Quantity of forms included in the highlighted file. This will help you identify if you have selected your desired file.
  • The yellow box below shows the "File Path" of the selected file.
  1. Now, to "recopy" what's needed, simply CLICK ONCE anywhere on the blue highlighted area, as if to highlight again. You won't see anything happen, but the module will automatically recopy your file's location (File Name and Path) onto the Windows clipboard.
    1. To verify that it is on your clipboard, try the following:
    2. Open a blank Wordpad, Word or similar document. Click once in the document (to make sure your cursor is located in this new blank document). Now, press "Ctrl + V" on your keyboard (first press the "Ctrl" key, and continue to hold it down while you then press the "V" on your keyboard).
    3. You should immediately see the File Name and Path "pasted" into your document.
    4. It will remain on your clipboard for pasting into the FIRE System--unless you copy something else to the clipboard (such as your FIRE System password).

If it did not paste into your document, you will have to navigate to your file.

What if I'd like to also use my clipboard for copying my FIRE password?

If you use your clipboard for any other function before uploading your file on the FIRE website, afterwards, simply copy the "File Name and Path" once again (by clicking again once onto your blue highlighted file). (Alternatively, you could copy it from the blank document you just made in the procedure above (in Wordpad, Word or a similar document)).

  1. Go to the "Upload your file to the FIRE" section of the FIRE website.
    1. If you are logged out, go to the FIRE System website and login.
    2. If you were still logged in and the FIRE System website is still open, go to "Upload Your File" webpage, and click "Browse" (or "Choose")
  2. Even if there is an incorrect file name showing next to the Browse button, you can replace it by simply choosing Browse again, and proceeding as directed on the following page.
  3. You can next try pasting again into the "File name" field and proceed.
If the full file path is not completely visible, click once in the File name field above (note: yours may not be highlighted in blue), and then press the left scrolling arrow on your keyboard to move the cursor left to reveal the obscured portion of the path. (You may also try increasing the size of the dialog box.) This may help clarify that your File name and Path have pasted in correctly.
If you continue to have problems pasting your File Name and Path into the FIRE website click here.

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