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The IRS has migrated their E-services behind The IRS is now using their trusted technology provider,, for almost all their online Sign-ins/Logins. Most IRS applications and many other government agencies now require the user to first Create an account.

Links to create an account can be found on various government websites, and once you’re registered on, your password will be the same (regardless of which government website you are logging into (e.g., SSA’s Business Services Online (BSO), the IRS MEF website (for 941 e-filing), IRS e-services, etc).  Note also that your account is associated with your email account (your email will function like a user name).

Typically, when a government website asks you to login using, once you login, will send you directly back/onto that particular government website.  For instance, if you go to SSA’s BSO website (to e-file W-2’s), after using your password, will take you straight back to BSO’s website. 

This particular link comes from IRS E-services for Tax Practitioners, and can be used to open your new account:

Create Sign In or Create a New Account

If you have issues creating an account using “Self-Service” (not uncommon), you can instead choose, “Video Chat Agent” to create an account; here’s a help link: Verifying your identity on a video call.

You may also visit the Help page.

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