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Find Client

Finding a Client by entering search text: A user may locate clients quickly in the list by entering a part of the client name (or ID number if displayed in the client list. Double-click the Client List label to toggle display of the ID number.) in the Find Client dialog. The Find Client dialog is accessed from the UTILITIES menu on the Module Library screen.

After entering a text string and clicking <OK>, the first entry in the Client list with a matching string will be highlighted.

To repeat the search from the current selection press CTRL+<F2>. The next matching entry will be highlighted. The search resumes at the top of the list if no matches are found. [Obsolete]

Finding Clients with a saved data file of a certain module: The user can find all clients with a saved data file for the currently selected module using the Utilities-Find Client with Current Module menu item.

All clients with the a saved data file for that module will be highlighted.

Alternatively, the user can press CTRL+F4 to move from one client to the next with a saved data file.

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