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Importing from non-consecutive program years

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I used your software in the past but skipped at least one year. Can I roll my old client data into the newest program version?


Yes, but you need to install the demo versions of each program year you skipped.

Client data can only be imported from the immediate prior program year. For example, TaxTools 2021 can only import clients from TaxTools 2020 not TaxTools 2015.

In the example above, the workaround is to install the demo version of each missing TaxTools year, importing the data into each one along the way.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Determine the program year for the past release you already have. Go to the Past Releases page and download the very next year for that same program. If it's already installed, pick the next year after that.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Input DEMO as the License Code and leave the other boxes empty.
    See Installing Software As a Demo for more info or if it prompts for login info.
  4. Launch the software.
    1. Follow the prompts to import, or...
    2. Go to Utilities > Import from 20yy CFS Software, and choose the prior year program from the list.
  5. Check each box below.
  6. Select the clients to import or click Select All and then Finish.
  7. Exit the software when the import is complete.
  8. Repeat this procedure until data is imported into the current version.

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