Peforming a manual backup

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You can backup your data in TaxTools WorkShop to rescue your clients and files in case of an emergency or to import to other computers and networks.

To automatically backup files, see Setting automatic backups.
  1. Click Utilities > Backup/Restore > Backup Data To...
    Utilities > Backup/Restore > Backup Data To...
  2. Select the desired folder and click Save on the Save As dialog.
    A save dialog box, where "Your Backup File.clad" has been written in the "File name" field, and the "Save as type" drop-down is set to "Backup CLAD (*.clad)"
    TaxTools WorkShop chooses a location by default, but any location can be selected. To change the default location, see Changing the backup location.
    A network license is required to save to a network location. See Setting: Application Mode.
    TaxTools WorkShop saves backups as a single file with the extension .clad
  3. Wait while the backup file is created. Later in the process the program will ask which clients to back up.
    A popup that reads "Backing up client data..." and has the CFS logo underneath.
    A dialog appaers if there are no preparers to back up.
  4. Click Backup All on the Backup Clients dialog to backup all clients
    Popup that lists many clients, with buttons at the bottom reading "Backup", "Backup All", and "Cancel"
    To choose a single or multiple clients, see Selecting multiple clients, then click Backup.
    Leaving the checkbox marked for Include deleted clients will backup all clients in the deleted list. They are not listed in this Backup Clients pop-up. See Deleting clients.
  5. Wait while the backup is performed.
    A popup that reads "Backing up client data..." and has the CFS logo underneath.
    A popup titled "Backup Saved Files", that reads "Backing up saved files..." and has a progress bar underneath.
  6. Click OK on the Backup Data dialog that appears when the backup is finished.
    A popup titled "Backup Data" and lists the number of preparers and clients backed up.
    To restore from the backup file, see Restoring from a .clad file.

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