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Why is the program not automatically backing up?

Automatic backup is controlled by two parameters: 1) Configuration Options and 2) Backup Folder.

Configuration Options

First, the check box in the bottom left corner of the Configuration screen must be checked. In a network environment, the check box is part of each user’s settings. Make sure it is checked for each user, if appropriate.

Backup Folder

The second parameter is the folder into which the backup is to be written. It is initially configured by doing a manual backup to the desired location. At the conclusion of the manual backup the program asks whether this location should be used for automatic backups. (See How do I configure automatic backup?) Backup folder location is also controlled by each network user’s configuration settings; all users should be backing up to the same folder.

If the automatic backup stops with a message that the selected folder cannot be used, examine the path to verify that it is correct.

The backup path cannot be the same as the data path.

If the path is correct, check to see if there is a file in the backup folder that should not be there.

You can only back up to an empty folder or a folder containing nothing but a previous backup.

Resetting Automatic Backup

If necessary, reset automatic backup as follows:

  1. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the current backup folder.
  2. Rename the folder by adding '.x' to the end of the name.
  3. Within the CFS program, trigger an automatic backup by selecting a client, clicking the Edit Client button, then clicking Save, Close, and closing the program.
  4. When prompted for Auto Backup Location, select a new empty folder (or create one).

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